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 Whether you prefer to walk, bike or drive, in Divezeri you will be a matter of minutes from the soothing waves and sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea.  This section of the Latvian coast is also part of the „Piejūra” nature park which is a maintained habitat, rich in flora and fauna.  A small stream links Divezeri’s two lakes  directly with the Baltic Sea. So, the adventurous can even take a rowboat right from their lakeside property to the sea.


 With a combined water surface area of more than 210 ha., the
two lakes of Divezeri offer ample opportunities for recreation – swimming, sunbathing, boating, fishing, or taking in the splendors of nature, like thewaterlillies and swans that thrive here!


 The development is situated within in a magnificent pine forest – the kind that has been in the hearts and folklore of the Latvian people for centuries. These forests, which include a mix of white birch trees as well, are home to many species of birds and other wildlife. They are also favorite places to „hunt” mushrooms, which is a popular Latvian tradition – for food and for fun!  The tall trees and green, mossy ground create a mystical atmosphere of dappled light and pine-scented fresh air – perfect for your peace of mind.